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Q1 – What is the process after my order has been placed?

A – After your order has been placed you will receive a tax invoice  that also acts as an confirmation for your order and the shipping details which will enable you to track your order with the freight carrier.

Q2 – What happens if I made a mistake with the order I just placed? 

A – If there is a mistake with the order you just placed we urge you to email us or call us straight away so we can change the order prior to dispatch.

Q3 – What happens if I made a mistake when placing my order and the order has already been dispatched? 

A – In this case you will have 30 days to return the goods to us (receiver pays) and a credit / refund will be arranged. This can all be arranged via email.

Q4 – What happens if the items received are not as per my order? 

A – The correct items will be dispatched immediately and we will arrange collection of the incorrect goods supplied.

Q5 – What happens If I am unable to track my delivery with the freight carrier? 

A – Please email or call us and we will look into this as a priority. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Q6 – What happens if my goods arrive damaged? 

A – In the unlikely event, we will gladly replace and dispatch the goods immediately. 

Q7 – What if I require a large order and the the cost for the freight works out to be too high on the freight calculator? 

A – Please email us with your order requirements and will we work out the best options for delivery for you.

Q8 – Can Air Kings Pty Ltd arrange delivery Australia Wide?

A – Confirming we can arrange delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Q9 – Can Air Kings Pty Ltd provide me with technical data?

A – Confirming technical data is available on our website and a PDF copy can also be emailed to you.

Q10 – What if I am trying to source a product that I cannot find on the website?

A – We encourage you to email us with the details and we will gladly try and source for you. 

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